freakizh i love the pinapple-like hairstyle. 020201
silent storm In the mourning I can see the sights.
No wonder I could never keep you satisfied.
dis We discussed it briefly on the phone, the metaphor of waverider and lookout.

"I might actually be good at that," he said, "because --you know-- I was a surfer."
freakizh according to my cousin,
being tantric, or a tantric posture, was being able to control yourself sexually. holding it in, pushing it out, and weird stuff. anyone knows anything about it?
visciousmissfit ya, they had some of that in American Pie II. I don't know how much info they gave out, but it might be a little helpful. 020914
~gez~ not a tantric am i, though my life feels hectic. but they mean different things
sometimes i wonder why i post this type of crap
~gez~ i do not remember posting that! 021009
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