jay will any ever join me and agree that this is the coolest word in the entire world of words? 040302
Jacob and Joel Unneccessary. Needless. Working hard 4th quarter of your senior year. 040415
common thief the word itself, is... itself 041222
amillio krusty's third nipple 050525
deb I know it isn't fair
to think or say
who knew I would be
so easy
to replace...?
I am happy he is happy,
and wish for them
the best,
but I must admit
it stings a bit...
Was I really
that disposable?

And how very
of me,
sitting here with he,
smiling liquidly,
moving right along~

I just cannot help but think,
cannot help but wonder
what she has
that I did not...
And I wonder,
yet again,
why I'm not
shiny and new

But then,
I am,
to the one
that matters
I am to him...
what's it to you?
who go