dallas don't worry about looking dumb because that moment when you are slightly off balance and you may end up falling down is one of the most enlightening times. it's one of the times that you completely understand your position in life. 980826
OTK ss'nuthin like you think, ossifer, i's noot asthall inhibleted . . . 990723
daxle Maybe if I didn't care so much what you thought I wouldn't stumble. But I might. I just wouldn't care what you thought about it. 990723
emsie I stumbled blindly into something innocent with you, something which turned out to be so complicated it changed me forever. 990725
megan when i stumbled, i always used to rely on your hand to be there to steady me.
now i don't know if when i stumble, will it be there or not?
potato-headed bobby brown i often stumble over my own penis. 001016
I prefer the word phallus And you jerkoff when you dis
Attach from me, and sex or love falls in between me, andthewordsstumble
what's it to you?
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