quotree "I will indulge my sorrow, and give way to all the pain and fury of despair." Addison 020707
silentbob loves you like vampire bats deprived of blood into the new york city night we cry 020707
nocturnal 1)sin=despair says soren.
2)despair itself is negativity, ignorance of the despair is further negativity.
3)sin is a position, not a negation.
is the relation between a negativity and a negation such that 2 and 3 contradict what soren says in 1?
furthermore, we are only made aware of sin through a revelation communicated to us by God* and only thereafter can we willingly sin; i.e., we could not take a position on something or will to do anything of which we are unaware. but we can be, indeed the overwhelming majority of us are, in despair without knowing it. it is true that consciousness of one's own despair intensifies his despair, but if sin and despair are truly equal and interchangeable, then either we could not be in despair without knowing it, or we could sin in ignorance which soren said we could not.
this is what I've gathered thus far from sacrificing my saturday night to work on my paper due monday. if it makes sense to anyone, I will be shocked and ecstatic.

*this does not apply to original sin.
belly fire I do not dare
I spend the day quietly listening to sad songs,
I find her face by mistake in a photo album,
I spend half an hour staring into it trying to see your love there,
I realize a friend comes to visit because she feels some obligation,
my best friend will be happily celebrating somewhere else,
I do not have enough happy pictures of us,
the year is ending,
I do not despair
it's just hormones
birdmad tonight it gives way to apathy and smoke 031231
what's it to you?
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