daxle every time I stop and try to figure out what I want to do with myself
I come to some wish of reasonableness
stopping of irrationality
this often ends pages after pages of why nothing is empirically true, sane, or rational
I will never be able to stick with a conclusion
to live it, to breathe it, to be faithful to it
marjorie you'd expect me to be, you would.
but i have strange ideas.
and i like strawberries
and cream.
and a million other things
that just might make me partial
or maybe biased.
or whatever you want to call it.
but reasonable... it SEEMS easy to me.
unhinged it's reasonable for me to expect you to live up to my picture of you isn't it? 010311
mikey its reasonable to say that since you blather quite often and for quite some time your creative, expressionitstic, sharing, good with words, passionate. 010311
unhinged oh geez


you really are too kind mikey...
kx21 Are you...? 011129
ClairE to expect me not to fuck up, yet also reasonable, knowing me, to expect me to. 011129
what's it to you?
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