Princess exclaimation of me! watch out! 000209
MollyGoLightly A rar is a kind of fairy that torments you when you're just waking up. It lives in the shower nozzle. 000404
reviuquier retinoic acid receptor 000405
bryson exclamation of excitement.
most often used to signify some kind of sexual connection.
Rarely heard.
Has been replaced by aww.
Brad RARRRRR, said the angry kitten 000409
not the ACRS another of the little_grumpy_growling_noises 020109
sabbie oh for fucks sake!

its one of those days were i have lots of little sentances to say cos i dont have the words to say what i think i truly want to.

i hate this.
User24 I used to say rar at people a lot.

little wonder people think I'm odd.
Q Actually it stands for "retinoic acid receptor" gene. 040406
Bon Ton rar rar like a dungeon dragon 040920
kookaburra this spelling disturbs me 040921
p2 a compression algorithm
and file format
abbreviated from
roshal archive

most of my comics are in rar
but renamed to cbr
to work with cdisplay
what's it to you?
who go