Seb Has anyone heard of a rainbow kiss?
Once upon a time, some girl asked me if I would give her one. What does anyone, if anyone, think of that?

Hey All, Blather is ace... ;b
puredream Great Band Name. 040527
estarocks what is a rainbow kiss? would you be actually kissed by a rainbow? or it that happy feeling you get when you see one? is a rainbow kiss an omen? good or bad, and who decides? i don't know! 040612
JdAwG I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but a rainbow kiss, doesn't actually involve a rainbow. But, on Jesse's Grossometer, its up there with the Dirty Sanchez 040614
Otto Weblink http://www.askthecouch.com/2_past_template.asp?article=161 040614
Borealis congratulations jesse.
and for the record..
i'm not really interested in either thanks.
Lila Pause ...And it sounds so magical and sweet. Oh the things you learn on Oprah. 040623
estarocks well, it doesn't matter bcause i'll probably never get 1 anyway...but oh godgodgod, ew!!! 040720
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