minnesota_chris As it turns out, a woman at work is a radical. In her home country she demonstrated for justice and equality and women's rights. She became involved in the groups because of her friends, who were there because they were dating some guys who were radicals.

But she believed in it, and demonstrated. She eventually feared for her life, and fled first to Greece and then to America.

I told her she seemed like a radical. Smart, and she didn't wear makeup. And to be honest, she wouldn't be that pretty if she did. I told her that she her friends, who weren't radicals but were dating the radicals, would be beautiful, with longer hair, makeup, and self-conscious. She laughed and agreed.

Quick minded, smiling, well cultured. She will be a teacher. I like her a lot.
epitome of incomprehensibility I am slightly less radical than the square root of 2. 050813
e_o_iMe Only very very slightly. 060407
triplesix A maverick destined for martyrdom, but who wants to die for selfish reasons. 061111
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