Shugarhi Stephanie would get so queay sometimes and vomit all over the English classroom for no reason. I just sort of laughed. 010517
grand poohbah of hate was it just in the mornings that she was sick.
did she run to the bathroom and give no explanation.
she had probably been taking several yards of dick a night from the english teacher.
it is a well known fact that all english teachers a slipping it to their pupils, tear out the intro, your parents are all bastards now lets get busy
nonlucid i've felt confused and happy and unhappy and paranoid and queasy-stomached all day
all because of him

it's just a crush, i know
alvarny My stomach has been queasy all day. I am hungry and full at the same time. Life is a paradox and existence an irony. 120712
what's it to you?
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