yoyology My God, but Dan Quayle was a idiot. 030320
yoyology My God, but Dan Quayle was an idiot.
(and apparently, so am I. :-) )
super monkey robot team hyperforce go! I like potatoes. its funny to think that america has so many irish people because of potatoes. those are powerful veggies to affect a whole nation like that. i guess the luck of the irish doesn't really exist or their potatoes would have grown. poor irish. at least theyre cute. the ones ive met anyway. im babbling. 050627
Keil Potatoes are the only veggie that I know of that has eyes. Isn't that rather creepy though? In order to peel a potatoe you must first take a blade (or a fingernail for the girls/gays with long nails) and remove their eyes. Isn't that supposed to be illegal? Isn't that cruelty to potatoes? WHY MUST THE WORLD BE SO CRUEL??? WHY MUST WE ENDURE THIS TYRANNY?????????

Death to the potatoe haters.
Lafiel potatoe...their starch makes me long for more...

plus they make good cheese fries...mmmmmmmmm...cheese fries...
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