the all consuming birdmad a Vietnamese soup made with rice noodles in a clear broth.

damn near heavenly when made well, and I've yet to run into a bad batch
p nor have i 080114
unhinged seattle 121021
unhinged since it's rainy 8 to 9 months per year this is the best food to eat to get warm

it keeps the furnace going
small soft drink. used to think it was nasty (until i tried it) but now it's deliciousssss. definitely a perfect meal for a cold and rainy day. 121022
(z) (i have made pho twice now. it takes a while, but is worth the effort. it is one of my favorite things to cook.) 121022
unhinged a lot of natural food stores sell the little cartons of pho broth, veggie or beef, at least around here. i'm thinking that would make the whole process a little quicker 121023
(z) (very much so. the broth, really, is the soup. everything else is added at the end or when eating.) 121023
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