Death of a Rose are quite old fashioned, now stake knives are all the rage. 031023
User24 my collection of knives is worth around 300 ($500 by today's exchange rate). just in case anyone was thinking "I wonder is User24 collects anything weird"

I also collect bottles of port, but that's only because
a) they all have a distinct flavour
b) they're nicer when they're aged a few years
c) I only drink occasionally

doesn't really know why he felt like sharing that with y'all.
User24 I think I may have blathed that elsewhere, actually. 031023
Death of a Rose port bottles, full or empty? or in between.

I do have a nice collection of 3dstudio mauals that could be worth about 600 Canadian, but then....nah....not worth blathering about.
User24 mostly full, some half full 031023
User24 you should put the manuals on ebay, they'd sell. 031023
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