burden Mixed bag of secrets
Rocks and shiny pebbles glint amber in the fast fading sun
I rush to greet the boundless asphalt, but paper rustles and all is lost
You stand alone with canvas cardigan saturated in the rain
Hole in your soul can you touch it? Can you touch me?
All is lost
We are lost
You are lost
I am lost
Silence now green rolls over undulations tumors of the earth
We are all that we want to be, and nothing that we think
Chew your own arm if you have to, what is a mine shaft anyway?
Despair's not a plague
You are
Make me clandestine to brave the plastic wax world
Tissue paper sanitary suits of Chinese men stamping stamping
in the factories licked round by gray and disease
Dog-faced boy wears a smile blunted day in a striped shirt, but na´ve still
The vultures come at noon
But that's protocol, isn't it?
burden whatever you do, do not read "deportative"... 010513
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