jennifer your smile is like pearls
that I long to drape around
my neck
to hold
unconsciously (sp)
while I talk
about nothing
Radhi It just seems like there are a lot of oysters but no pearls. 040130
shelley pearls are alot like peanuts of the sea 040502
minnesota_chris or not 040503
daf I remember when I met you, I was but a grain of sand;small, worn-down and insignificant. Not much was waiting to be swept away by the tide when you came along that day.

But you nurtured me and nourished me though it pained you to have me around. Though I irritated you at times..hurting you where you are most tender without any such intention.

And now here I am. Not what I was, but what I am. What an amazing thing it is to shine and sparkle in the Sun of be appreciated as you appreciate me. I appreciate you so for it. And what a gift it is to be shown what it is that you are, when you've felt so unremarkable for so long, sitting on the beach with all of the other pearls-in-waiting.
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