heel turn seeking treatment and biding time 010628
paste! thumbs, thumbs! headbands, nausea and a picnic with chess pieces. the igloo has gone to hell. it's the time of the year to eat your neckties and breakdance like the walrus that came to your door last night. it's a good time to be alive, in a petting zoo, freezing bones for stock, chapping the lips of plants, taking names on prescription pads. 010629
something like masochism.
and hope. ew.
Syrope 7 months is a long time
i am honored

i've waited, for what seems as long, to touch the bruises on my collarbone and remember the surges of passion instead of the sharp pain

i won't wince when you hurt me if you hold me just right. how you knew how to cradle me with so few words and so little guidance, i'm not sure.
what's it to you?
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