Mushroomman how close are we,
how can we make sense to eachother and not to ourselves
before you open you mouth i know what you are going to say,
I know how to please you, you know how to please me,
Our comunication goes beyond just b
words and sentances, our bodies say u what we cannot say, t
A glance, a movement, a smile, a o tounge, n
And then i hold your hand... s
squeezing ocasionally, i run my fingers across your skin... you smile and then you kiss me... our lips part and i look at you... you stick out your tounge at me,
and giggle,

The way you look at me, is something i cannot describe.. sometimes, words just are not enough....
megan does anyone else notice buttons in the blathe before this?
i wonder if it means something
ofsuch all tangled up 040430
shilohlives fit 040430
the delinquent formerly known as R.A.I.N. are battered and bruised, still, atleast I get the week off work. 061108
what's it to you?
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