misstree i'm a bad little soldier...
time for readjustment...
breaky breaky breaky breaky breaky...
... spoonman 040825
flexible it's like cracking petrochemicals right? you snap the chords forming one relationship, watch them flicker listlessly towards the next, looking to grab onto something, anything, the next_best_thing.

see the fragile fibres of emotion and their fickle ways.

operation mindfuck is all very well when one is in a fit state to subtly_manipulate these fibres, however alcohol and other such substances would appear to remove that particular talent.

manipulator becomes victim, predator becomes prey to her own devious_mind. lose control, you lose the game.

dangerous_liasons (cruel_intentions) will come back and bite you in the ass.

but on a different note, how very fight_club!
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