Barrett Magdelena-A.P.C.
Three days-Jane's Addiction
4 Degrees-Tool
The in sounds from way out(the entire album)-Beastie Boys
one of the "closer" remixes(I can't remember the name)-NIN
Fairytales of slavery-Miranda Sex Garden
birdmad see: pornosonic 001204
startfires i don't know about a porno soundtrack, but i've know beyond the shadow of a doubt since the first time i heard it, that some day i would strip to that static x song "stuck". it just has the perfect rhythm. it would be good for a pole dance. i've been practicing in my garage. 001205
startfires "a dirty, dirty gun up against my head" 001205
stripfires "ripped apart the out from the inside" 001205
heh heh heh the sound of my hand smack'n that sweet ass 001205
startfires uh, yeah. i guess i asked for that. 001206
bijou murder_city_devils - press_gang
the_rolling_stones - sister_morphine

good songs to take your clothes off to
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