typhoid i seem to have lost my mittens.
can you help me find them?
they were soft blue and soft, and warm. and they had her initials sewn into the cuff.
ducky Ok, for the last time I will give a description of the missing mittens.

They are grey knit wool with pink and white snowflakes stitched on the tops.

Oh yes, and they are ever so cuddly and warm.
frankenfistkitten well,
the lower-echelon fist_kittens seem to think they acidentally dropped them at the bottom of the dresser (behind the drawers) when they were trying to sneak them back in...

for their punishment we are switching them back to the cheap litter...they hate that
natureboy i hear they keep your hands warmer than gloves. 020131
Death of a Rose are better for snowball making than gloves 031018
TK the name of my first cat 031018
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