typhoid what i do?
though i'm ill, i feel perfectly well when i'm around you..
i don't understand.
time to resurrect.
Illuminati Beetle Don't you see? The MASON JARS were HERMETICALLY SEALED!! It was right in front of us all the time! It's too late, now! 011028
Teenage Jesus WIll no one help the widow's son?

(He was booted out of the CFR...yeah, right.)
roger waters nick? i thought i just heard your name.... 011212
nick mason you did! 011217
god in milwaukee one of these days, i'm going to cut you into little pieces 011217
squeeeeeeeeeeal dixon line 011218
spiregrain preaching! 011228
nick mason nick_mason 020315
dunderhead the pickle jars were sealed all along. Mason is merely currying in them 040721
dafremen T.J. I had no idea what you were talking about until now.

With an eye ever toward the acacia.

I hope you are well my friend.
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