nomatter who will be
the one to marry me
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Lemon_Soda Walked out of the gass station on a sunny afternoon and felt compelled to sit on the curb and watch the cars go by,leaving my car parked to the side of the building. Sipping on soda and smoking a cig my mind wandered.

I came to realize that should I become married, and I hope to, that she's already out there. Whoever it may be, she is alive, living her life, perhaps waiting for me.

It was immensly satisfying to think that she is a real person whose busy preparing herself for that special someone and that that special someone is me, even though she doesn't even know it yet.

I got up and got in my car with a smile on my face and had a great day. I still think about her, even though I have no face or phrase to match with it.

I 'll see her soon.
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