hsg set the trend. memetic medium to predetermined_ends.

it's cool to kill yourself.
smoke. drink. fatten. sleep.

if you have somethings to say, forever your own opinion ur own thoughts r unpopular as it's always been. to think is not cool.

be yourself or die. not my rules. just the way it is.

all that are too scared to live fade away into predictability with a rather bleak fate of mediocrity.

the ones scouting for those with souls don't waste their time sifting through the masses. the bulk is left to sort itself out & those who step out, find out.

all your friends are dead and alone is that common sad experience of having been true to yourself. but it's either that or "you_are_already_dead".

the only ones left to speak are the ones with something to say.
what's it to you?
who go