emma whoo! way to ring in the new year!

oh. well, blather will probably categorize this post as 1231, because it's out in california, but it's 12:21 am here.

so. in conclusion. FUCK.
Rainer perfect description for anything anyone does who got on the web after me 990312
andyfish i am lame ass comments. amanda said so. 991224
valis lame
dragging along a useless twig
of a limb
dead flesh
enjoying the ride
orbst blessed are the lame,
for they shall leave
unusual footprints.
abraham lincoln Is everthing lame...more everyone lame? 010731
god = emo 020106
pete i feel like i'm existing across a few levels of lameness at the moment and its really quite wonderful. 070419
? wots lame ? 070419
nom my early writing 070419
? wot when you were a baby ? 070419
what's it to you?
who go