unhinged fuck_this_fucking_insomnia

and it's got the same effects as valium without the habit forming chemical badness. i'm on a mission to find me some of this root tomorrow. i hear it's the thing to do in hawaii. drink some kava and chill with some friends. *shrugs* i'm up for anything that claims to naturally cure all my worst ailments.
hsg u can get unhinged-er if u havenouOF thiStuff.. 070211
BnB From what I hear, it loosens your body and easies your pain, but your thought processes are not affected.

Of course, that's only what I've heard. I have not experienced this first hand (yet.)
unhinged it tasted horrible and didn't do much, the tincture that i bought back then. now maybe if i found some root and did it the authentic way... 090309
what's it to you?
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