passed You no longer frighten me. It has taken me 14 years to conquer your fear. You killed my husband. You cannot kill my memories of him. You will kill me as well. So be it. Your damage has been done. I still have some grains of sand in the hourglass of my life. Sooner or later you will take them as well. You may have won this time, HIV, but eventually, you too will be just a memory. 040112
HIV - A Worldwide Problem

Scotland on Sunday - 1 hour ago

Delegates at a conference in London will debate today how to tackle HIV, after the United Nations called for more work to combat complacency over deaths from Aids-related illnesses.
艾滋病 AIDS 050415
mon uow a_closer_walk 050415
HIV 艾滋病毒(人类免疫力缺乏病毒) 050415
WHO HIV 'set to infect 90m Africans' 050511
WHO HIV "set to infect 90m Africans" 050511
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