z i had an idea yesterday. imagine a blather/wiki like site that had text linking like blather, but instead of linking to a blathe, linked to a list of connotations of that word, which in turn, linked to a list of connotations of their own. perhaps each word could also have an escape hatch to the blather blue blathe of that word. users could submit new words, lists of connotations (some of which would automatically become new words with at least one ipso facto connotation back to the source word because they would be recognized as new to the data base) or just add new connotations to an existing word.

what do you think?
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u24 I like the idea... like a more interconnected version of wiktionary.

At the moment I'm working on an exciting new project which will be brilliant. I'm having to restrain myself from telling anyone here about it before it's done.
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