emersonjay more than a greeting. it's a powertrip. well, it must be for everyone who shakes my hand. *crunch* sometimes people are just trying to impress me. sometimes they just have massive, working hands. sometimes they like the sweet sound of crackling knuckles.

ever sit back and think "oy, i've shaken a lot of hands in the last few days..." (and you aren't a politician)
aren't those good days?

moonshine I loathe limp passive handshakes even more so from women. 010406
lost spineless people give limp handshakes. 010406
nocturnal I like to give medium ones. weak ones are so sissy-like. yuck. my sister does weak handshakes. it feels kinda gross if you ask me. don't like the bone-crusher types too much either though. ouch. I have very small hands and they're pretty delicate. so I think I give good ones, but I don't believe I have ever had my handshake critiqued. something I should look into. 010406
ferret you're more likely to get a disease from a handshake then from a toilet seat. GERMAPHOBICS STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 030517
kss NOACK 031124
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