deb there's just something about
the way strawberry gummy things
mingle with mountain dew
and roadtrips to lincoln
that makes me crave
the highway
just now
Barrett A mouthful of frozen German gummi-bears.
Masochistic pleasure.
intensebeet i thought you were gonna give the gummi bears a pep talk and ask them to write your story, you know one gummi bear standing on each key of your computer, jumping as their key is needed. picture it, its definitely a cool idea, all the colors, erratically jumping, the e bear and the space bar bears would prolly be in the best of shape, though you might need two or three for the spacebar, seeing as its so big, that could be fun though, three bears all jumpin simultaneously, i wish my fingers were gummi bears 040226
phil clingy 050824
jimmyjoe corndog id like to have gummy_braids. 050824
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