Dafremen Glimpses of Things by Roger Dafremen

You know it's almost unbelievable
So damn close to incredible that I
Can't seem to decipher the meaning.

Yet I can't help but think that it's so
Close to comprehendible that
I just might be swallowed by the feeling.


It's dark and night is closing in
On light that here inside my brain
Would flicker on if I weren't dreaming

The starkly white glimpses of things
That choose to hide within my brain
Will drive me mad if I don't see them.

(End Chorus)

You know it's incomprehensible
So damn unintelligible that it
Numbs my mind and sends my senses reeling

Yet I can't help but feel that it's
So close to understandable that
I can't stop my brain from almost screaming.


It's dark and light is closing in
Tonight right here inside my brain
It flickers on and I start dreaming

Then starkly white glimpses of things
That once hid deep inside my brain
Now drive me mad because I see them.

(End Chorus)

(Guitar Solo)

(Chorus Finale)

This part of me that's closing in
Is slowly eating at my brain
Until reality is dreaming

And these white glimpses of things
Seem to be one and they're the same
For now in madness I can see them.

(End Chorus Finale)
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