heel turn (verb, professional wrestling slang)

to draw the desired reaction from the audience.

for a villain or "heel" to "get_over" entails drawing a strong antagonistic response...becoming someone the audience "loves to hate" as oppposed to being so uncharismatic and/or untalented that they are either ignored or greeted with chants of "Boring!" from the crowd.

for a fan favorite or "babyface" (or simply "face") to "get_over" is more difficult in the current market and harder to define. modern audiences distrust the traditional 'milk-and-cookies-and-apple-pie' character and as such, the current babyface type is usually an anti-hero whose only real redeeming quality is that he saves his worst attacks for those who are recognized as heels and revels in the adulation of the crowd.

many professionals will admit that it is usually easier and more enjoyable to be the heel, citing the versatility and leeway afforded by having a character who operates outside the rules
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