sweetheart of the song tra bong Way too many girls
Way too many guys

Some sort of quadrilateral.
Currently I believe it's an octagon.

Always thought it'd be great to be desired, to be a heartbreaker - but guess again.
Aimee ooooooh baby 011218
ClairE I wish love could be solved through equations. 011218
cube since a triangle (tripod) is the most stable geometric shape, one might think that a love triangle should be equally strong.
unhinged love_rhombus 090626
In_Bloom Silent stirs from the hallway trickle
The same old ghosts with the same old echoes
Reaching to snatch back what I held so dear
This place may suck but at least it's not here
Pinned against angles and the geometric shapes
A holiday getaway or a neverending wait

Please come home to waste with me

An enchanting lover in a bright red dress
And in all this heat we have lost our way
So to question the existance of this plane
A pretentious thought or a self-serving verse
Or the stars and shapes that we all knew first

Pinned Against Angles (The Twilight Showdown)
what's it to you?
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