paste! i caught nothing today because my hook was 12 stories tall.

(your natural impulse is to think "huge hook, too bulky" but it was a very large lake with fish bigger than a parking garage. i was just unlucky.)
Annie111 I've never been fishing.

Once I threw my shiny steel hook,
And it sluiced through the water
Into cool grays.
Rainbow bait tugged down by the slime slick seagrass
I had red metal dragon scales.
The trout, with their dead eyes and suction cup mouths
Stared a little
I saw silver minnows
Nickels thrown from heaven
And catfish crawling with cobwebbed lips
Once or twice a shark shuddered
By my belly
I danced with a clown fish in his striped suit
While he skipped his school
The cool water beat our flailing fins
Together like frothy egg whites
I thought I'd caught him
A goldfish, startled, smiled at me
Through the reeds
And the metal tooth, thick and wretched
Hooked him
I lost the clown fish to the air, most likely.

Like I said, I've never been fishing
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