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Tell me how do you measure the Tension of Emotional_Bond...
kx21 Or to be exact, the possible Quantitative measurement(s) of the Tension / Strength of Emotional_Bond... 010731
blown cherry some considerations:

Is tension from external or internal force?
In which direction/s is tension?

Strength of emotional bond is dependant on whether bond is single or double bond.
If single, is it opposite and equal to tension?
If double, and lim(tension) - 0 ,
does lim(emotional bond) - infinity?

What is relation b/w tension and strength of bond?
Inverse? Unrelated??
silentbob i met a girl at the dashboard show. afterwards we hugged. 020324
unhinged he looked at me with his piercing eyes. stared and i wouldn't look away. we had the same thing living behind our eyes. the same crooked teeth. we both wanted things to be perfect and ever-unchanging. people are not supposed to fight. how could i ever tell him i didn't want his help. we were diatonic, bonded to each other with the same accidentals that no one else wanted to see. i couldn't say goodbye. it is so much easier for me not to speak. 020324
Syrope dissolving, disassociating 020622
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