if i could talk id tell you as much as i should probably be fucking ashamed of it, i am an elitist.
and that is that.
BinLaden Natural born enemies. 040213
andru235 though the elitist dost deny
everything's somehow on high
claims of superiority
oft mask inferiors, really

the desperate claim to be much better
is like writing everyone a letter
if you are so truly great
others you've no need negate

everyone takes unique views
from atheists to sikhs and jews
whose to say their view is right?
i thought we settled this last night.

but still i see you clamouring
and of your greatness, yammering
i wonder, why you trumpet so
and do not, on your great way, go
Tim "Counterstrike
grrl the fucking blather_vocabulary_check. fuck you elitist. 110716
what's it to you?
who go