bane sometimes you fight and fight just to be normal. the sane one. the one who has it all together. and just when you start to believe that lie it all falls apart. 000123
harleygirl The biggest form of deception is self-delusion 030221
Bizzar I will not apologize for your suffering,
the back door to this broken dream,
now shut and locked...
you brought this on yourself.
The part of me which once refused the obvious
-now refuses the possibility of regeneration.
I will no longer be your backseat lover,
I will not be the one to fall back on
when there is no other appealing option.
You led me to misconception,
believing a meaningless 4-letter word.
Because of you I will never say that word again.
But your amour left me with one thing,
Strength - anger in my naivity.
But you'll never get to me again.
I am freed of your frivilousy
and no longer cast among your shadow on the ground
story of eau self deception no longer serves me.
onion girl has shed another layer.
unhinged my eyes tell the lie
and my lips follow
what's it to you?
who go