harumi "why are you crying, young one?
"because they make fun of me"
"aren't you an unfortunate one? very well, i will grant you one wish to solve your problem. i hope your decision is a wise one. tell me, what do you wish for?"
"i wish they all die"
Death of a Rose don't wish for death. he's already blown out the candles. 040104
LATHER I look forward to Death
Or Peace At Least;
A Death with breath that doesn't cease
A Death with blessings like a feast
The Death that's Less, yet does increase
The beast that rests on dangling leash

Loved to death!

I want you MINE
Or dead instead;
A MINE that dines, yet isn't fed
A MINE that binds you to my bed
The MINE in mind is in your head;
Let it be said and signed in red

A proximity mine!
what's it to you?
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