nom i thought of chaucer as i was going through customs
could've asked the officer if he ever wrote poetry
epitome of incomprehensibility Coincidence! I just wrote something with "Chaucer" in it a couople of hours ago and I was wondering why it wasn't a link yet.

I'm (supposed to be) finishing an essay that compares the version of the knight's quest in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the Wife of Bath's tale from Chaucer (yes, the W of B's prologue is more fun). At any rate, my thesis is that both tales have a trick ending to them which correspods in some ways to the old English riddles we also studied.

I hope it ends up making some sort of sense. I don't want to be stuck with this all weekend.

Ynyway, three cheeres yfor Chaucer. What border were you going through?
e_o_i That was Intro to British Lit or the like, one of those miserable survey courses with 75 people in it. This year I'm in a class devoted all to Chaucer, reading the Canturbury Tales and other stuff, and actually almost enjoying it. Go Chaucer. 100219
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