stxxn the constant, constant chatter 990809
why me like blather in audio 991126
mahdi "oh, you sicken me with your chocolate chatter. Your toungue is made of candy."
User24 the computers sit there, chattering away to each other in secret codes over high speed encrypted satellite connections, plotting destructing, forging alliances, waging wars, guarding secrets and exchanging services. 030927
hsg calm the mental chatter 040719
amy i don't ever really get how people can talk and talk. i sit there, usually thinking, now there's something i don't know how to do.... and then i get confused. why do not know how to do it? and I must admit, i probably find my life a little more boring than the ones who can talk a lot about theirs. i don't know why this is so, except that i must be doing something wrong, on the wrong path, etc. etc. what else is new, right? at least i have peace of mind, most of the time.... 080917
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