DanetteTN915 The sweetest
Come from
Chapped lips. The wind
carried me all the way home
atop the dancing leaves.
unhinged i used to find all kinds of balms to slather on my heart but these days it's just staying chapped, cracked 011017
ellen cherry charles the cowboy, with chapped thights saunters into the saloon and drawls at the pretty saloonkeeper's daughter bedecked in black ostrich plumes and a red corset 020106
unhinged i peel the skin off
my lips
when it is hardened in the winter
i often forget
to apply chapstick
and am constantly licking my lips
against the cold
cigarettes generate saliva
it's still snowing here
i revel in the cold
the dogwood wants to blossom
today the daffodils
were laden with fat snow
people walk more quickly in the cold
the unseemly gash of wind
cutting through every last layer
i peel them from my lips
and throw them to the ground
the daffodil lay face down
in the dirt
Sakhalin is Magnifique Your lips, after a winter in Sakhalin. Maybe. 060309
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