amy a couple of flies in here, one itches or stretches their wings. like a cat, sort of. actually, i wonder if that fly is okay...it flew away when i shooed it.
along with the continually overturning population of fruitflies in the kitchen. here's a household tip: fruitflies are attracted to witch hazel and drown in it.
lokkust you better look out coz the insects are gonna get you. you! 000226
brett ... bunny 000307
Brad I like them, especially ants. Ants are communists. 000524
amorfus they been here long since we got here, and they'll still be around long after we're gone. respect. 000524
firefly effect I remember our camping trip--
you tried so hard to sincerely tolerate those "buggies"
m_e it's a give and take with those darn buggies. they infiltrate my world, and then sometimes i infiltrate theirs. 010812
pETAH disgusting lifeless life 020130
what's it to you?
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