x it's so weird to me, when people try to tell other people what to do. not like, "you should do this". that makes sense. but saying "do _______"? who do you think you are? why the fuck would that person listen to you?

let me elaborate, because i have a way of not making sense to people. for example (modelling is important, if you want people to learn a concept!):
"blah blah etc... stop posting lyrics" VS "blah blah etc... so because whatever and ever you should stop posting lyrics"
you're free to disagree either way. but ultimately, you can't stop anyone from doing pretty much whatever they want.
x teach a man to fish 040207
meta meta 060412
! X demands that you henceforth forgo making demands! 070211
u24 so basically, it's the word 'should' that's vital?
I don't really see a problem.
z i have always felt that the word should is the most dangerous word in the english language. 070212
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