ass facely ghurn ghurn 011029
birdmad have i found the vanishing_point yet

'cause i know

jonh maybe oblivion is approaching...? 030122
MDogMA Across the edge the winged bird flyís forever expanding eternally contracting oblivious to the pending implosion, impervious to the approaching explosion. To do once again that which should not have occurred, mistakes unlearned, tragedies unfurl. Once upon a time the little ones cried, if not for existence why am I, service is for the simple mind, fetters for the analyst, institutions for the truly great. In servitude to the rest the boy whines, but attempts not above his station. Without position the lost are for truly lost, within the confines of the belated world the greater wish is left for tomorrow. The legacy of the procrastinating hero is left to the wind, moments of joy foreshadowed by ages of inactivity. If lives are to be spent in the constant rise in ability doesnít that always breed an equally great rise in obscurity? 030123
p2 please fasten your seat belts
we're in for a bumpy landing
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