tessa Today is ANZAC day.
It is a very sad day.

Today I remember all those people so long ago who sacrificed so much and suffered so much.

And I am sad because many of those people were believed they were fighting so that no one else would ever have to fight again. I watch the fighting on TV and realise that we have learnt nothing.

How quickly we forget.
notme "...Now those who were living just tried to survive
In that mad world of blood, death and fire..."
sab Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

they've got buiscuts
tessa My Grandfather was at Gallipoli

He never talked about the war
He never marched in the parade
He was a republican

"And the young people ask
'What are they marching for?'
And I ask myself the same question"
nihilist melbourne I don't even care. And if they scrapped it as a public holiday that would be okay. 050426
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