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me i am the only one? why is it I always find myself surfing alone, when the wavea aren't perfect? why am I the only one with the urge to run down a highway at 430am? why is that no one else but me can drive for 8 hours, only to find the waves are flat, and turn around and drive 8 hours back without a complaint? there is now way I am the only one who will do anything to get at what i set my mind to. i am so freakin alone. there must be other people. but i think i like it. no one to hold me back. no one to tell me its too scary. i can go as far as i know i can, and then some, and when its over, i know i did it alone. why doesn't cold bother me? am i numb, or insane even? that is a possibility. 041226
Am I? Am I? 070611
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