Brad My favorite number. Once, i wanted a guitar, a somewhat rare model called a Gibson ES-347. I finally found out that one turned up at a local shop. I went to look at it, even though i knew i couldnt afford it. I got out of my car and looked at my watch, and was slightly amused at the fact that it was exactly 3:47 PM. I fell in love with the guitar, sure enough, and i knew it would be sold by the time i could afford it... lo and behold that guitar sat there for several months, many people, i heard, contemplated buying it, but it waited on me until i could afford it. I now have another guitar, a custom shop instrument, that i play more and is better suited to the straight-ahead jazz I play. But i still have a thing for that 347, and i still call it my favorite instrument. Also, 3+4=7. This is my favorite number, 347. 000525
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