silentbob Who am I? 140825
Bespeckled You're a repentant, suffering, quite French silentbob. 140826
Sleepy_TK You are all the lies you tell yourself about you.

As am I.

Others think the know the truth
of you
of I
of every/one/thing

They only see there own perception of truth.

We all see the world through our own filtered perceptions.

and are confused when "reality" does not bend to meet our supposed truths.

Cubist view the world
differently then surrealist

Does that make ones truth any less true?
Any less a lie?

Whose truth is more true?


everyone's perception is noncongruent

Is mine the only "truth"?

How do you know if your truths are
any more or less true then mine?

By what measure can we determine this by?

What is a lie when one can not discern the _Purity_ of truth with all its many shades and shapes?

who am I?

who are you?

we are the lies
we choose to believe
are truth.
TK_Typo noncongruent = incongruent 140826
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