hyena usually, my menstrual cycle lines up such that the hormones send my sex drive into high gear a day or two before the messy part starts.

though i could have really used a whole lot of boffing, the leakage decided to show up after one tantalizing tumble. i did get a little satisfaction, but i crave more, and the flow is too heavy to even masturbate.

i think i'll go make a grilled cheeze sandwich, and maybe some tomato soup.
schmik ^^ I agree. ^^ 090107
Lemon_Soda Maybe in the shower? Flowing water should clean things up a bit for some self gratification. 090107
the former fat guy with too many names this sort of thing did not happen when i was fat, but as i sat back down in my desk chair here in the office, i just managed somehow to sit on my own nutsack

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