ever dumbening these are the official lands where no_reason and nom mon uow are to be lauded and adored. all hail the northern goddesses. praise their beauty, both contained and expressed. praise their knowledge of things grand and small. praise their many talents of music and art and botany. praise their kindness and strength in the face of it all.

"Give me your eyes
I need sunshine
Give me your eyes
I need sunshine
Your blood
Your bones
Your voice
and your ghost"

-- with love
no reason aww! i'm not sure how deserving i am of this, as my talents in the worlds of art (on the drawing/painting/etc. sprectrum, anyway) and botany are limited, as is my knowledge of things grand and small.
but it makes me smile, so thankyou :)

~love back from one of the m's (and i'm sure the other one too!).
nom i double the aww,
and the thankyou
and the love!
no reason i was saying it was funny how sometimes we're both m's and sometimes we're both n's 070210
nom and i was saying how it was funny my mom said (the night before you made this blathe ever_dumbening) that we should call our musical selves m & m 070211
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