viator its like THE, but not quite...
Some people do it on purpose, but its also a common mistake. is it 1337 ? i dont know. i cant remember. i did too many drugs or absinthe, or guarana.
teh ownzor.
teh pwnzor.
how else can we corrupt english?\
is it fun to be alphanumeric?
too many things i have seen, too many towels, too many vowels, theres too much sunscreen to remember my text fixation.

do you remember teh first_kiss?

why dont you flip_open_a_page_and_type_what_you_read,
it could be teh most interesting thing.


yes it is late.
misstree tongue in cheek
and irreverent,
how to turn a dreadfully common
terribly flat
ordinary word
into a grin, a wink,
a plaything
e~Cable teh TJ, teh e, teh teh teh... you 3 teh pizza, he is teh noob, she is teh best.... teh this teh that teh other... forever 060910
no reason damned hipsters. 060911
The Mooninites plutonians are Teh Suck 060911
what's it to you?
who go