lost Today my girlfreind came out of the coma. Im so releived. she's ok. im talking to her right now so thats all i feel like posting for now.
paperdoll misfit something I've never experienced...does it feel as beautiful as people make it out to be? 020616
freakizh (part1)

tears of joy
we'll scare ourselves
of all that you wanna be
just got paid and now you're going
how long should you be?
if i get scared, i'll just call you
and i miss your glow as i unsettle
oh and i'll always feel
i will always be


so sell your suit and tie
and come and live with me
leukemia, schizophrenia, polyethylene

there is not significant
risk to your health
she used to be beautiful once as well

plastic bad middle class polyethylene
decaffeinate, i'll let it keep
all surfaces clean

if you don't believe
sell your soul
if you don't get into it no one will

approximated lyrics for polyethylene.. RADIOHEAD.
what's it to you?
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